Table Decors


Table Decorations

Here we'd like to show you a few ideas about how to add your own personal touch to your next party or event. Together we can develop table decorations, topiaries, etc to any theme you have in mind and to match any occasion. Have a look at some of these ideas. Note down the number of the one you like and think about the colours that would fit your occasion. Then give us a call to see how we can work out the ideal solution for you:

Topiary Number 


Topiary NUmber 


Topiary Number


Topiary Number 


Topiary Number 


Topiary Number 


Topiary Number 


Topiary Number 




Pick your colour theme and we'll put napery, centre-pieces, and room decor together to stun your guests on arrival and get the event off to a great start 
Add height and coloour to the space you are using with table trees of grand proportions. Any colour or style to suit your special plans.

Another 'exploding fireworks' design with a similar effect. Colours can be chosen to highlight the room decor and the table-base can be varied to match your chosen theme. 

Here's a group of centre-pieces with a tennis theme waiting for delivery.

An example of how we can make it specifically for you! 

Something like this on each table really adds pizzazz! 

Talk to us about your theme. Bruce will fix it for you!!





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