Grab your audience's attention for that special occasion. Change the appearance to give them a different feel in the usual surroundings. Change the ceiling effect! Create a new entrance!  Create an environment in which your guests feel welcomed and honoured to be part of your celebrations. Highlight the reason for your event - the target object - by an arrangement of balloon effects which focus their attention on what you want them to remember.

Here's some ideas, but don't feel as though this is it. We are more than happy to design a decor to suit your place, your budget and your needs! Give us a call!






Arches in every size .  .  .  .    


.  .  .  colour and style


Matching room and table styles ...


. . . for every occasion


Roof cover can give a great impression !!! Streamers hanging down join guests and room together in a festive atmosphere!


These double topiaries, with balloons at table level and above, blend colour and provide a link between table and ceiling decor.


 or a different roof decor

. . here's the same one a bit closer up!

totem poles

and / or balloon trees, all add to the event!!

combination of ceiling balloon trees and matching table decor 

Characters to set, or match your theme


Floor standing columns in any colour scheme

Here's an example of a tennis theme . . . . any number you need !

This can be a stunning combination! Exploding fireworks effect, which gives colour and at the same time joins a high ceiling to the action at table level. You pick the colours and the way in which the design blends to the table layout and the room decor!

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